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Deciding that he'd worry about the Hogsmeade form when he woke up, Harry got back into bed and reached up to cross off another day on the chart he'd made for himself, counting down the days left until his return to Hogwarts. Then he took off his glasses and lay down; eyes open, facing his three birthday cards.

Harry felt his knees hit the cold grass. Fog was clouding his eyes. With a huge effort, he fought to remember ¡ª Sirius was innocent ¡ª innocent ¡ª We'll be okay ¡ª I'm going to live with him ¡ª

As Harry opened the door, something brushed against his leg. He bent down just in time to grab Crookshanks by the end of his bushy tail and drag him outside.

He broke off; they reached the corridor where the security trolls were pacing, and Hermione was walking toward them. One look at her face convinced Harry that she had heard what had happened. His heart plummeted ¡ª had she told Professor McGonagall?

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